​​​​Cathia Pagotto


costume design

***Nominated for a META for Outstanding Costume Design

written by: Alison Darcy and Joseph Shragge

director: Alison Darcy and Joseph Shragge

Cast: Trevor Barrette, Davide Chiazzese, Alison Darcy, Sasha Samar.

Dramaturged by Sarah Elkashef

Choreographed by Andrew Turner

Stage Managed by Chad Dembski. 

Set Design by Alison Darcy. 

Costume Design by Cathia Pagotto. 

Lighting Design by Jon Cleveland.

Sound Design by Devon Bate.

Technical Direction by Tristynn Duheme.

Production Management and props by Dashiele Haskin. 

Set Design Assistance and construction by Sophia Graziani. 

Production Assistance by Iehente Foote. 

Set Construction Assistance by Reid Jenkins. 

Costume Assistance by Sarah Mauracher. 

Accent Coaching by Rea Nolan. 

Publicity by Janis Kirshner.